Cheap flowers to help you stretch your budget

Fresh flowers are the most rewarding and enjoyable gifts that you can give – regardless of the occasion. They are even great to buy for yourself when you are in need of an emotional boost. That said, we don’t always have the kind of budget that allows for expensive or elaborate bouquets but we also don’t want the flowers we choose to look cheap. Fortunately, there is a solution to this problem!


When in search of cheap flowers, it’s always a good idea to look around for seasonal flowers. While your local florist might not tell you straight away which blooms are cheaper, if you use an online florist, you will be able to shop according to price. Look for the seasonal section and this is where you will most likely find the best deals.


In addition, you can also shop around for deals and discounts. Online florists often reserve a second on their website for their best offers. These can include anything from discounted flowers to free chocolates or other great freebies.


Florists also make it possible for customers to choose between different sizes. By upsizing your order, you will get more flowers in the bunch. Now, you might think that you only need a small or medium-sized bouquet but this is because you probably have not considered the possibilities that a larger one has to offer.


If you order a larger bouquet, you can split it up into multiple arrangements! So, by paying just a fraction more, you can enjoy two flower bouquets instead of just one! As soon as the florist delivers your order, you should separate the stems according to the different types of flowers and foliage. Place them in a bucket of clean water while you plan your arrangements. Use different types of vases (some small and some larger) to hold your flowers. Now, split your flowers up into bunches, trim the stems, and arrange them in the vases you have prepared. Put them on display in the various rooms of your house and enjoy that flower order all around your home!


Another great saving tip to remember is to make use of non-conventional containers in your home. You do not need to stick to traditional vases and you are only limited by your imagination! You can use soup bowls, teacups, empty jars, or even empty wine bottles! Just make sure that you remove any labels before you arrange your flowers and wash the container out properly too.