Celebrating somebody’s anniversary

When we think about celebrating an anniversary, we often imagine a romantic dinner with our spouse. There are, however, some occasions that call for an event of larger proportions. For example, when your parents or grandparents are celebrating a significant milestone, this is a great reason to get everyone together!

Like many other similar events, this kind of party will require a fair amount of planning. If you want to surprise one or both of the guests of honour, then you will also need to make all of these plans without them figuring anything out! The venue, menu, and décor will all need to be planned in advance.

A good place to start is to look for any wedding photos you can find, if possible. These photos will tell you what the wedding reception was like and you can do everything in your power to recreate that night! Start with the tablecloths and flowers. Even if you don’t know exactly which flowers or colours were used, you could bring up their wedding in casual conversation and disguise your questions by remarking on how flower trends have remained popular over the years, for example. You could also take some photos (or better yet, copies of the photos) to your florist so that they can recreate the original centrepieces.

Find out about the food that was served and don’t forget the cake! You need not serve a large cake on this day, but you could have your baker make the same kind of cake and decorate it in the same way as their wedding cake was decorated. Of course, instead of a bride and groom on top, you could have them write the number of years of marriage or “Happy Anniversary”.

Finally, don’t forget to choose the appropriate music. You could let the guests of honour enjoy the first dance to the same song that played at their wedding, for example. You can also play a combination of older songs and new music to make sure that all guests are happy.