How we celebrate Valentine’s Day today

Just like any other celebration or holiday, time tends to change things.  The basic essence and traditions usually remain but there are some things that do change.  In some cases, these changes can be quit dramatic and the way we celebrate today can differ vastly from the ways we once did.  As for Valentine’s Day, in the past it wasn’t quite as commercialized.  Gifts usually included fresh flowers and couples celebrate by spending quality time together.

Decades ago, life was simpler than the life we know today.  Just take some time to consider how clothing, music and food has changed within a relatively short period of time.  For this reason, the modesty in terms of gifts should come as no surprise.  Years ago, the finer things in life were usually reserved for the wealthy.

Today, there are literally hundreds of different products available that never existed years ago.  These days we have cute fluffy toys, heart-shaped boxes of chocolates and all sorts of products specially marketed for Valentine’s Day.  You will notice all kinds of romantic decorations in the shop windows and everyone seems to be promoting their Valentine’s Day products on the radio, television and online.

With so much hype and enthusiasm, it’s not difficult to be swept up in it all.  Jewellery stores promote most of their collection and most couples have grown to expect something shiny on this romantic occasion.

As any florist will confirm, fresh flowers are still as popular today as they ever were.  Years ago, however, it was quite common to grow and cut your own flowers.  Today, we tend to pick up our favouirte bunch from a flower shop or place our flower order online or even by phone.  Online florists are great for looking through product pictures with full descriptions and prices all right at your finger tips.  Having a professional arrange a bouquet for you will ensure that it looks great and you can even have your flowers delivered on your behalf.  Online florists also allow you to include a message and, if you wish, you can even remain anonymous.

Years ago, Valentine’s Day was generally celebrated by those who were in a relationship or as a way of expressing their romantic intentions.  Today, on the other hand, Valentine’s Day flowers and gifts can be given to a friend as a sign of a more platonic kind of love.  If this is the case, make sure that you avoid red roses and red flowers altogether.  Instead, consider yellow roses since they represent friendship.  If you know somebody who might be feeling a bit lonely over Valentine’s Day, you can help cheer them up by sending a friendly bouquet.