Carnations are back becoming Britain’s Favourite Flower!

The beautiful pastel shades that the carnation traditionally possesses put them as more of a filler flower than a bouquet. But now they are back and are really becoming their own becoming the UK’s favourite flower, even sold as a bouquet on its own.

A while back carnations had this reputation as they were the lowest priced bouquet that you could buy. After a famous fashion show, top Stylist Manolo Blahnik explained how he loved the carnation over any other flower. They were thought to be a no frills bouquet, the Supermarket bouquet. He explained that he enjoys to grow them and they are everywhere in his home time in Italy. Even top clothing models have been styling carnations with the carnation design and inspiration.

We at flower press love the carnation, it lasts long, smells divine and subtle on the eyes, throw the snobbery out the window. They are a flower in need to be loved, we love them.