Caring tips for your peony bouquet

Peonies are extraordinary beauties and you only need a few stems to make a full and abundant-looking bouquet. Even if you use just one colour along with a touch of foliage, a peony bouquet is the picture of elegance.

When choosing peonies from your florist, make sure that they aren’t all fully opened. Some can be fully opened to give your bouquet a beautiful appearance whereas the buds will open over time. Unlike many other kinds of flowers, peonies can be picked at an earlier stage and they will open and last thate and much longer.

When you receive your flowers, you should condition them by removing any damaged leaves and leaves that will end up below the waterline. Trim the end of each stem with a sharp pair of scissors or knife. Do so at an angle and under water. Cutting at an angle prevents the stems from resting directly on the bottom of the vase and the surface area for absorption is also larger. Cutting the stems under water prevents air from entering the stems.

After cutting the stems, place them in a vase of water (with flower food) and let your peonies have a drink for about an hour before you start arranging them. When arranging them, make sure that you use the right vase and don’t forget to add foliage too! Not only does the foliage help support the peony stems but it also makes their colours stand out even more.

A good rule to remember when arranging any flowers is that you should use three types of foliage. Peonies look particularly lovely when arranged along with umbrella ferns, ruscus, and lily grass. Criss cross the stems in the vase and enjoy the contrast of colour and texture.

Start arranging your fully opened blooms first and make sure that your bouquet has a balanced abundance of colour. Add your buds to the bouquet and spread them out. When the fully opened flowers fade, the buds will open and this means that your bouquet will last that much longer!

Like any other fresh cut flower, peonies need to have their water changed every few days. Whenever you change the water, you should also add more flower food. Check the stems for bacterial growth and, if necessary, trim the stems again.