Blue blooms for your summer wedding

No matter what season you plan to have your wedding in, sometimes a blue theme is avoided due to the misconception that there aren’t enough natural blue blooms available in nature. However, this is certainly not the case and your local or online florist should be able to confirm this. Think of all the times a florist has to send flowers as a house-warming gift for a newborn. Clearly the blue flowers are in order! Now, if you are planning your wedding for the summer season and are interested in a blue theme, here are some flower ideas to get you thinking.


Forget-me-not flowers are delicate and very feminine. Just pair these blue blooms with other white blooms and voila! They can be used in the bride’s bouquet, as well as in the arrangements for tables and bridesmaids. Due to their size, they generally wouldn’t be used in larger bouquets and would act more as mass or filler flowers than focal flowers.


Another gorgeous flower that comes in blue is the freesia. Its waterfall design makes it ideal for many uses. Corsages, boutonnières, handmade bouquets and table fixtures can harness the power of this flower. It has a very unique design and the shade of blue it sports is truly spectacular.


Then we have our old favourite, the hydrangea. Available in different colours and yes, blue is one of them. Hydrangeas can also be used as part of a hand bouquet but are more suitable for larger arrangements or may cause other flowers and foliage to fade a bit. They are also very thirsty, so make sure you keep these blue blooms well hydrated.


Most people are familiar with purple lilies, but they also come in blue and can be accompanied by white, yellow, or even purple flowers. Use blue lilies to create a colour contrast with other blue blooms in the same arrangement.


Delphiniums or Larkspur are another tall delight. Best used in vertical arrangements, these flowers are a sure-fire way to turn heads. No matter what other flowers you use in your bouquet, you can be sure these gorgeous petals will stand out.

These are some examples of blue blooms that are available during the warm summer months. However, there may be others available in your area. It really depends on what your florist has in stock and what they can order for you. Of course, whenever you’re planning a wedding, it’s always a good idea to visit your florist months in advance. That way, you’ll know what flowers to expect and an estimated price. Something as important as wedding flowers shouldn’t be left to the last minute.