Black blooms – how to make your own

When you shop around for flowers, you will notice that there are a number of different colours from which you can choose. Flowers are available in just about every colour we can imagine. Black blooms, however are not all that common. While some flowers might look black, they are not truly black but rather a dark purple, brown or very deep red. If you want to create truly black flowers, here are some of your flower colouring options.

Add food colouring to the vase water

Food colouring is available in several colours, including black. In order to create black blooms, you will need to add plenty of black food colouring to some water. Make sure that you use an old vase or container since it may end up stained from the food colouring. You will need to add a lot of food colouring since black is not an easy colour to achieve. White flowers will absorb colours best and you should choose partial buds. This way, you know that they will open up but they will last longer than flowers that have already fully opened.

Dip your blooms in floral dye

Floral dye is another great option if you wish to create your own black blooms. It’s very easy and fast too. You will need to protect your work surface with some newspaper or a cloth you are prepared to throw away. Place the dye in a bowl and submerge the head of each flower in the solution for several seconds. Once fully coated, remove and allow the excess to drip back into the bowl. Do not try to shake the flower or it will splatter everywhere. Place your dyed blooms in vases and allow them to dry. You may not like to place too many in each vase since you want to avoid them touching one another until dry.

Apply spray paint

When you apply floral spray paint to create your won black blooms, you will need to protect your work surface and it is best to do this outside. Proper ventilation is essential. This is an excellent option if you want to work quickly. You need to spray your flowers from all sides and then place them in water so that they don’t dehydrate. Make sure that you don’t place too many stems in each vase. The drying paint is sticky and your flowers could get stuck together.

Now that you know three different ways of creating your very own black blooms, it’s time to choose which one you would like to try first. Some yield instant results while others take longer. Similarly, some are messier than others. Another alternative to keep in mind is to consider black silk flowers for your displays.