Birthday flowers for the perfect party

When celebrating a loved one’s birthday, you want to send the perfect gift. Birthday flowers make a thoughtful gift for all recipients. There are plenty of designs available at your local and online florist. Here are some tips to consider when ordering blooms for a beautiful birthday party.


The first thing you need to do when choosing birthday flowers is to consider your budget. You need to know how much you can afford to spend on your blooms. The size of the event will determine how many bouquets you will need and then you can split your overall budget into the number of arrangements you need.

Birthday theme

If you are planning a specific theme for the party, you need to keep this in mind when ordering birthday flowers. For example, if you want a tropical theme, you will need tropical arrangements on your tables. Not all blooms need to be tropical but the focal flowers in each arrangement should be.

Colour scheme

Just like your theme choice, you will also need to choose a colour scheme. The colours you choose for birthday flowers will depend on whether the guest of honour is male or female. For women, you may like pastels or colours like pink and purple. For men, bold colours and bouquets with strong lines are ideal.

Elegant blooms

While some birthday parties have a fun theme, others are more elegant. Especially if your guests are older. Some of the most elegant blooms include roses, orchids and gardenias. White and green arrangements are the most popular while you can always add a splash of pink or blue.

Don’t forget, when you order birthday flowers, you should be sure to order a special bouquet for the table where the guest of honour will be seated. This should be the most elaborate of all the arrangements and the largest of all too.