Birthday flowers for March

If you know somebody who is celebrating their birthday during the month of March, you need just the right gift. Birthday flowers will always make the recipient smile and you can find plenty of options at your favourite florist. Each month is associated with a special bloom and March is no different. The month of March is associated with the daffodil as well as the jonquil.


The main difference between jonquils and daffodils are in the shape of their leaves. Daffodils have wider and flatter leaves while jonquils are known for their stronger perfume. Of course, if you want birthday flowers that last, daffodils will be your better choice.


When you think of sending birthday flowers, you want to make sure that your bouquet is bright and filled with joy. Yellow is one of the best colours for this type of bouquet because it will make the recipient smile. Daffodils come in a bright yellow colour which makes them that much more ideal.

Number of stems

When you send birthday flowers like daffodils, you should remember that the number of stems in the bouquet is very important. You should not send a single stem since this represents misfortune. Instead, send a bouquet that includes at least three daffodils or, you could even opt for a potted plant if you like.

Remember, if you are feeling a little lost as to which birthday flowers you should choose, you can always check out birthday bouquets at your online florist. Here, you will find a wide selection as well as some amazing prices so you can shop according to your budget.