Birthday blooms for the month of May

May is the final month of spring so, by now, the weather is warming up nicely. Soon, we will be enjoying even longer, warmer days. If you know somebody who is celebrating their birthday during this month, you will be happy to know that there are plenty of options when it comes to birthday blooms. Of course, every month is associated with a different flower and, for May, it’s the lily of the valley.

Lily of the valley

This flower represents sweetness, humility and happiness. They are fairly small in size which is why many people choose to pair these birthday blooms with other flowers such as roses. By adding some foliage to the mix, you can be sure that this bouquet will look amazing and will impress any lucky recipient.

Lovely lavender

If you are looking for a more fragrant pairing for your birthday blooms, you could add some lavender to the mix. Not only will this add texture and a colourful contrast to the mix, but it will also provide a soothing scent that will fill any room.

Something extra

If you plan on ordering birthday blooms online, you should take a moment to browse through any optional extra gifts that your online florist has to offer. Some of the most popular choices include luxury chocolates, wine, balloons and even a birthday cake. You can choose one or more of these to be delivered with your birthday bouquet.

You will also need to decide whether you would like the bouquet to be delivered directly to the recipient or if you would like to present it in person. Either way, don’t forget to write a special message in the card provided by your florist to let your friend or loved one know just how much you care.