Purple wedding blooms

Planning an event as important as a wedding requires plenty of time, thought, and effort. If you have a particular colour scheme in mind, you really need to think carefully about everything from your flowers and décor to your bridesmaids’ dresses. More often than not, it’s the flowers that gets more than a few people scratching their heads.

When a florist arranges wedding flowers,they usually ask you about three main aspects – centrepieces, handheld bouquets, and the flowers you need for your ceremony location. The bride’s bouquet will need to stand out the most of all. The same can be said for the centrepiece on the table of the bridal party. One example of embracing the purple theme is by having your bridesmaids wear purple dresses and carry white or yellow bouquets. The bride, in contrast, can carry a purple bouquet to stand out against her white gown.

As for the ceremony, you can use the same colours but different types of flowers. For example, you could use roses in your bouquets but other flowers like Carnations or Chrysanthemums in your décor.

Some examples of purple blooms you can use include English Lavender, Chrysanthemums, Irises, Freesia, Snapdragons, Asters, and Larkspur. If you wish to add some splashes of pink here and there, you can use liatris. Taller arrangements call for flowers with long stems and you can use shorter blooms for round arrangements. Choose the size of your arrangements based on the size of the table on which it will be set.

There are plenty of fresh flowers available during this time of the year which means that your florist should have no trouble finding exactly what you need for your big day. Just make sure that they have all the details including the sizes of the arrangements, the number of arrangements needed, and the location or locations where they are to be delivered.