Birth flower for the month of March

Each month is associated with a a particular flower and, as such, the flower for each month makes a fantastic birthday gift. The beautiful bloom associated with the month of March is the daffodil. An alternative to this flower is the jonquil which has a similar appearance but the main difference is in the appearance of their leaves.

Jonquil leaves are round while those of daffodils are flatter and wider. Jonquils are also known for having a stronger scent than daffodils. On the other hand, daffodils are larger and more readily available at your local florist.

While yellow is the most popular colour for daffodils, they are also available in a number of other colours and they can have a fantastic impact on their own or along with other flowers. Yellow is often the favourite colour choice since March marks the beginning of spring. A bright yellow bouquet will, therefore, be the perfect way to brighten anyone’s day.

One last thing to remember when sending daffodils is to never send a single stem. While most other flowers work very well as bud arrangements, a single daffodil symbolises misfortune and this is obviously not the kind of message anyone wants to send.