How to make a fresh citrus flower arrangement

Fresh flower arrangements come in a wide variety of colours and colour combinations. Citrus themed bouquets add refreshing style to any room and this kind of bouquet is easy to make! You will need a few basic supplies as we as a few minutes to prepare and place each stem.

Supplies needed:

  • 4 yellow roses
  • 4 peach roses
  • 6 orange ranunculus
  • 6 yellow ranunculus
  • Vase
  • Sharp pair of scissors


  • Start by preparing each stem. Remove the leaves and place them in some fresh water. You don’t want to trim all of the stems right away. You need to make sure that you trim them according to the size of your vase.
  • Place two yellow roses opposite one another in the vase. Let their stems cross over one another.
  • Now add two peach roses opposite one another and make sure that the four roses form a cross.
  • Now add your ranunculus in between your roses. Make sure that you alternate between orange and yellow.
  • Once the outer rim is complete, you can add some more flowers to the cente of the vase. Place your remaining roses in the top and make sure that you alternate between the two colours.
  • Now add the remaining ranunculus flowers in between the roses to complete the design.

Remember to trim the stems at an angel and change the water regularly. This will help prolong the vase life of your flowers. The stems might need to be retrimmed from time to time as well.