Birth flower for the month of September

As you may already know, each month is associated with a different beautiful flower. The flower associated with the month of September is the Aster. This beautiful birth flower comes in many shades and can be displayed alone or as flowers as the mass flowers in a larger bouquet.

A deeper meaning

Asters bloom during the autumn months and are associated with love, wisdom and faith. Some of the different colours to choose from include red, white, pink, and various shades of purple. They all have beautiful contrasting yellow centres that closely resemble those of a daisy. That said, this September birth flower is actually more closely related to the sunflower.

Many uses

While this birth flower has long been used for medicinal purposes, it also makes a fantastic display piece for any home. Each flower looks like a perfect shining star, so they are sure to brighten up any room. You can choose one colour or you can choose a mixed bouquet.

Sending this gift

When sending birthday flowers, don’t forget to ask your florist about optional extras like fancy chocolates, a happy birthday balloon, or even a special birthday cake. Including at least one additional gift to accompany your fresh flower delivery will make an incredible impression on the birthday boy or lucky girl.

Add that extra special personal touch by writing a meaningful message on the card that will accompany the flower delivery. After the flowers have finally perished and the chocolates have long been devoured, your note and memory of perishable gifts will be all that will remain. So make your words count! You can even make mention of the fact that you chose to include the aster in the bouquet as it is the birth flower for this month. This will show that you put extra thought into your gift.