Health benefits of sending fresh blooms

When you send a bouquet of fresh flowers, you will not only present the recipient with something visually appealing, but they will also enjoy some fantastic health benefits. Here are some examples of the advantages they can expect along with your flower delivery.

Emotional boost

Fresh flowers are known for making people smile as soon as they are delivered. A number of studies have revealed how a flower delivery instantly boosts the mood of the recipient. This is especially true when the bouquet is an unexpected gift. Yet another reason to consider sending flowers in between special occasions!

Improve memory

Stress and a busy lifestyle can take its toll on anyone’s memory. In fact, studies show that we become more forgetful when we are under increased pressure. One of the main health benefits of fresh flowers is the calming effect they have. When you are calm, you will find it easier to concentrate and focus. It will also help you retain information better.

Help you relax

As briefly mentioned above, flowers and plants can help create a calm environment. This is particularly important at home since this is supposed to be our sanctuary away from it all. Different colours will have different effects too. Red, yellow, orange and other warm colours have a way of energising us. Purple, blue and white, on the other hand, are soothing and relaxing. Pastels are particularly calming so keep this in mind if you want to create a reassuring atmosphere where you can really unwind.

Get well soon

Given all the positive health benefits mentioned above, it should come as no surprise that fresh flowers help you heal faster. The mind and body are very much connected. When you do not feel well physically, it can have a negative effect on your mind and vice versa. By improving the environment of somebody who is unwell, you give them something positive to focus on. This positive mental shift will encourage a physical shit too.

These are a few of the top health benefits your friends and loved ones will enjoy when you send fresh flowers to their door. Whether you are celebrating a special occasion, want to wish them a speedy recovery or if you simply want to boost their mood, you can be sure that a fresh bouquet will always do the trick.