Best flowers for creating dried bouquets

If you love the look of dried flowers, you’re not alone! Of course, if you have ever tried to dry a bouquet, you most likely already know that it’s not always as simple as it sounds. Not all flowers are made for drying. They tend to disintegrate and they don’t maintain a beautiful colour either. Before drying your next bouquet, keep these blooms in mind. These are the best flowers to use when creating a dried flower arrangement.


While many people believe this bloom to be rather delicate, it is in fact a lot tougher than it appears. It will not wilt as it dries. Unlike many other types of flowers, the petals will stay upright as they dry. The colours will become a lighter shade but it will still look amazing once dry which is why they are one of the best flowers you can use. Remember to keep your ranunculus in water for about a week before hanging it upside down to dry.


Of all the flowers out there, statice is one of the easiest of all to dry. These blooms are straw-like in appearance which means that they dry quickly and easily. They are also known for maintaining their beauty and not falling apart once dry. If you want to dry them quickly, remove them from water and hang upside down. Once you see the results, you will understand why they are one of the best flowers you can choose to dry.


While they might look like large blooms, hydrangeas are actually clusters of tiny flowers on a single stem. If you want to dry them yourself, make sure that you cut them from the plant while they are still bright in colour. If not, they will not look as beautiful once dried. Remove the leaves from the stem and place the fresh hydrangea in about an inch or two of water. Place the flowers in a cool area and away from direct sunlight. Once the water dries up, you flowers should also be dry or almost completely dried out.


If you are looking for something other than flowers to dry, you should pick some eucalyptus. While this is a best flowers list, we all know that bouquets are not limited to flowers alone. The best part of drying eucalyptus is the fact that you can do so upside down or upright.

French lavender

Not only does lavender maintain its beauty when dry, but it also holds on to that signature scent. Cut these blooms as low as possible on the stem, attach a string and hang in a dark, dry place. These are one of the best flowers to dry because you can use them to decorate your home or in various crafts.

Now that you have a list of the best flowers and foliage to use for your dried bouquets, it’s time to start! Collect all the stems you need, hang or set them aside in the right spot so that they can dry out. Once dry, you can create a dried arrangement to decorate just about any space in your home.