Christmas flower display containers

When sending Christmas flowers, it’s not just about choosing the perfect flowers and lush foliage, but one more thing needs to be planned – the container. The flowers will be the main attraction, for obvious reasons, but if you don’t choose the right container, your bouquet will not look its best. Not only is this important when sending flowers to a loved one, but it’s also important for your own Christmas flower arrangements. When choosing a container, there are a few factors to consider including size, colour, and shape.

Clear glass vases are the most popular option for all flower arrangements. This is because the vase is elegant yet neutral and will not affect the theme of the bouquet. It’s also great because it can be used for any arrangement. So, even once Christmas is over, you can then use the vase for New Year’s flowers, Valentine’s Day flowers, and more! Just make sure that the height of the vase suits the length of the flower stems. The longer the stems, the taller the vase needs to be. Round, glass bowls are excellent if you have a bunch of short-stemmed flowers.

If you like ceramic vases, you can use almost any type apart from those with a distinct design. Victorian style ceramic vases, for example, are not suited for Christmas flower arrangements. Instead, you should look for something simple like a plain white, plain red, or plain dark green vase. Again, like the clear glass vase, these vases can often be used throughout the year.

Some people might think that the idea of a black or charcoal vase is not suitable for Christmas bouquets. Provided you choose the right flowers and the right colours, a black vase can actually look fantastic. The black vase will actually help the colours in the bouquet stand out even more and it’s perfect if you want a display that’s particularly elegant. You can also warp a festive ribbon around the vase if you want to spruce it up even more.

For something different and unusual, you can place a waterproof container or floral foam with a tray inside a gift box. This is particularly great for sending flowers as a Christmas gift. Not only will the bouquet look fantastic, but it will also be appropriately presented as a gift.