The best colours for autumn arrangements

One of the most important features of any autumn bouquet is the colours used. Colour not only determines the theme of a flower arrangement but it also associates that bouquet with a particular time of year. For example, you won’t likely see Christmas themed arrangements on display in September or October.

This season is commonly associated with pumpkins which is why it should not be surprising that pumpkin orange is an appropriate colour for your autumn centrepieces. Paired with dark green, you can be certain that these flowers will always do the trick. There are a number of lovely seasonal blooms available in this colour so be sure to ask your florist for professional advice.

If you are more partial to that rustic style, then burnt orange is the perfect colour for you. This shade of orange will help other colours like yellow and red stand out even more! Rust is another popular colour and this particular shade works well with browns and hints of gold. These colours can be added in the form of foliage and accessories.

Burgandy and plum are another two shades that suiti this time of year perfectly. These darker shades work well to complement ligher shades and they also look lovely when paired with just the right foliage.

Remember, your autumn flower arrangement does not need to consist of dark colours alone. You can help brighten the display by adding lighter, cream coloured flowers here and there. These flowers should be added as accents rather than the main flowers in the arrangement. It will help highlight all the different aspects of the bouquet.