Safe flower delivery for maximum freshness

When you place and order for a flower delivery, you want to know that your blooms will arrive fresh and beautiful. Florists have a number of great tricks and hacks that they use every day to ensure that each bouquet arrives in perfect shape. Here is what you can expect from your online florist.

Flower selection

The first important step in the flower delivery process is the selection of quality blooms. If the flowers are to arrive looking fabulous, they need to be of the highest quality. Anything less will only result in disappointment.

Florist network

Another important part of the flower delivery process is the selection of the closest possible flower shop. The shorter the delivery distance, the better for the blooms. Reputable online florists have a network of flower shops around the world and they coordinate with these florists in order the ensure maximum freshness.


Before the flowers can be delivered, the bouquet needs to be arranged and packaged. Some flower orders include a vase which means that the arrangement will need to include a vase with water. Alternatively, the bouquet needs to be wrapped and safely placed in delivery vehicles so that they do not fall over or roll around while in transit.


In some cases, the vehicle used for the flower delivery is refrigerated. This comes in handy since the driver does not need to worry about the blooms getting warm and wilting. In other cases, the van might not be refrigerated but the driver will make the delivery sooner rather than later to ensure that they arrive looking their best. If you receive a bouquet that looks a little worse for wear, you can still perk them up by trimming the stems and placing them in some fresh water right away. Leave them in a cool spot to perk up. Another great trick is to soak the entire bouquet in cold water for approximately one hour. Trim the stems while the blooms are under water and give them all a fresh surface to absorb water and nutrients.

When you receive a flower delivery, it is a good idea to take a picture right away if you are at all unhappy with the quality of the blooms. Do not unwrap them just yet. Take pictures first and then you may attempt to perk them up with a cold water soak. If this does not work, take another picture and let the florist know that the blooms you received were not up to standard. Always use a florist that offers some kind of satisfaction guarantee for your peace of mind.