The best accessories for any autumn bouquet

When creating the perfect autumn bouquet, it’s important to choose your flowers, foliage, and accessories very carefully. In many ways, the accessories will ultimately define the theme of the flower arrangement. Fortunately, there are plenty of great accessories for autumn arrangements that won’t cost an arm and a leg.

Firstly, start by choosing your flowers. Make sure that they are the appropriate colours to ensure that autumn feel. If you are unsure about the colours you should use, just imagine an autumn landscape and your surroundings during this time of year. You need not avoid green but green should be used in moderation.

When choosing your accessories, consider colour and textural contrasts. In other words, if you have used mostly yellow and orange, then you might like to add some red berries and even some dried sticks for a touch of brown. Some sticks on the market have wonderful twists that look fabulous in an autumn bunch.

Pine cones also work really well. You can attach them to sticks and prop them up in between your bouquet. Alternatively, you can scatter a few around the base of the vase for something a bit different. If you fancy the idea of feathers, you could add some spray painted ostrich feathers to a tall arrangement. You could even use unpainted, natural female ostrich feathers since they are brown in colour. The colour and texture will work very well in this setting.

Like pine cones, you could also use mini pumpkins on skewers to brighten up any autumn flower arrangement. Just remember not to overdo it. Add one or two to a regular-sized bunch or you’ll end up with a design that looks more like a vegetable garden than a bouquet!

Remember, you’re not limited to fresh or dried items when it comes to accessories. There are plenty of wire, plastic, and wooden accessories out there that will spruce up any bouquet. Keep the season in mind when selecting your accessories and don’t forget to store them in a safe, dry place when they are not in use.