Beautiful rose flower pairing ideas

Whenever you shop for flowers, no matter the occasion, you are bound to come across a beautiful rose or two. They are one of the most popular of all cut and potted flowers because of their luxurious appearance and delightful scent. Rose arrangements may consist of roses only. They can also include several other types of blooms. Here are some excellent pairing ideas.

Something casual

If you want to arrange your own casual yet beautiful rose bouquet, you can simply place a few yellow roses with some viburnum stems. These berries are excellent fillers and their texture contrasts that of the smooth rose petals. The colours look lovely together too. Alternatively, if you prefer, you could add bells of Ireland, hosta leaves or golden sage to your bouquet.

Mini bouquets

Sometimes the most beautiful rose bouquet comes in the smallest of packages. Mini bouquets are perfect for decorating smaller areas or any place where you are not able to display a large vase. Just remember to pick an uneven number of rose stems (three or five are ideal) and trim the stems so that you can place them in a compote dish. Anchor the stems using heavy gems or pebbles before adding some foliage and water.

Add texture

Apart from colour combinations and contrasts, you can also create some variation by choosing elements that create a contrast of textures. Roses have lovely smooth petals so you can pair them with flowers like carnations. The rich ruffles will certainly make your bouquet uniquely beautiful.

Use accessories

Apart from pairing your beautiful rose selection with other flowers and foliage, you should also consider adding different accessories. Feathers and beads are great examples of non-floral accessories that look amazing in all sorts of bouquets. They add texture, fill in the gaps and bring amazing colour too.

Fruity designs

You will need some floral foam for this idea. Simply place the soaked foam on a tray and arrange your roses around the edge. You want to make sure that your floral foam is round but has a flat top on which you can rest a shallow bowl of fruit. The bowl is important since you do not want the fruit resting directly on the foam. Green apples and an excellent addition to consider. You should avoid fruits like bananas that release a kind of gas which causes flowers to perish prematurely.

These are just a few ideas of what you can pair with your beautiful rose selection. Other blooms that look good with roses include dahlias, orchids and hydrangeas. Whenever in doubt, take a look at your florist’s creations for inspiration.