The lucrative nature of the rose industry

When you think about florists and the flower business, you probably already realise just how well established to industry is. However, since roses are probably the most popular flower throughout the world, you could classify them separately in an industry of their own. You might already know that florists tend to keep roses in stock at all times. Even when they aren’t in season, you can still send these flowers for any occasion.  A bouquet consisting of a dozen red roses is a popular choice for such occasions as Valentine’s Day and yellow roses are often sent for Friendship Day. In addition to the constant demand for these flowers, customers are also looking for lower prices. Florists therefore need to find the perfect balance between top quality and affordable prices.

The first thing that any florist must remember about roses is that they should keep various colours in stock at all times. No, you don’t need to fill up your storage areas with more roses than you can sell.  You simply need to keep as many as you need to make your customers happy. You should also expect that not all of your flowers will sell so, to avoid losing out, make sure that you don’t stock the most expensive varieties.  You can just as well keep high quality photos of the expensive roses and allow your customers to place special orders.

Consumers should also note that roses are often imported from countries like Ecuador and Columbia. Such sources are able to grow and sell roses for a fraction of the price that local growers offer. However, these countries do not always offer adequate conditions for their workers and they often fall ill due to working with chemicals without the right protective gear. It is this very controversy that has managed to slow down the import rate of flowers from such countries. Buyers are opting for organic foods and, now, they are looking for organic flowers too. Flowers grown by local growers or in countries where laws protect the workers might be more expensive but at least you know that you are supporting a more environmentally friendly option.

Now, when the weather cools down in the north and roses are no longer in bloom, florists have two options. They can import from warmer locations down south or they can order from local greenhouses. Their choice, at the end of the day, will depend on price as well as what kind of quality each cultivator offers.