Beautiful fresh flower pairings

When arranging a fresh flower bouquet, it is important to make sure that you choose the right pairs. Different flowers look best when paired with certain blooms. Here are some of the best pairs that you should keep in mind when designing a bouquet.

Roses and baby’s breath

Roses look fantastic all on their own but you can take this fresh flower bouquet up a notch by adding a touch of baby’s breath. These are known as filler flowers so you don’t need a lot of them to make a big difference. Since they are white, you and use them along with any colour bouquet and even mixed rose bouquets.

Roses and lilies

Lilies and roses are yet another great fresh flower pairing. Especially when you choose pink flowers. Pink roses and pink lilies have the ultimate luxurious appearance. You should also be sure to add extra foliage to the bouquet so that each bloom has its time to shine.

Carnations and germinis

Carnations are one of the longest lasting of all cut blooms. Paired with germinis, these fresh flower bouquets have plenty of texture and rich colour. Both blooms are available in several colours which means that you can create some of the brightest combinations.

Carnations and roses

Roses look amazing with many types of flowers, including carnations. The smoother textures of the rose petals paired with the ruffled carnations make for an amazing pair. Again, just like the carnation and germini flower pair, you can combine a wide variety of colours to create an abundantly beautiful bouquet suited for all occasions.

Roses, orchids and germinis

If you want to step it up, you can combine more than two types of flowers. Roses, germinis and cymbidium orchids look fantastic together. Just be sure to spread each flower out so that you do not happen to create clusters.

When pairing two or more types of flowers, remember to consider the colours too. Florists like using a colour wheel to aid in fresh flower pairings. Adjacent colours look excellent together as well as those that are located opposite one another on the colour wheel. A great example of this is the pairing of yellow and dark purple or blue.