Interesting Facts About Carnations

Carnations are easily one of the most well-known and popular flowers throughout the world.  They are the type of flower that every florist needs to keep on hand at all times and they are also one of the most affordable of all florist flowers.  Another reason why carnations are so popular as cut flowers is the fact that they are one of the longest lasting flowers of all.  They can be used as the focal flowers or even as mass flowers in an arrangement and they look great with or even without foliage.  Carnations are available in various colours and even combinations of colours.  The next time you send flowers to somebody special, make sure that you consider sending carnations or at least including them in a mixed bouquet.

Carnations are available anywhere and everywhere these days.  Because of this, many people don’t know that they are in fact native to Eurasia.  After it was discovered, it gained popularity quite rapidly and this led to its cultivation all over the world.  Today there could very well be as many as three hundred different varieties of this popular flower.

Green Carnations Bouquet

If you are in search of the perfect flower to send to somebody who suffers from allergies, carnations are your best bet.  Many carnation varieties produce minimal pollen and, provided you don’t stick your nose in the bouquet for a sniff of the flowers, you should have no problem with these abundant blooms.

In many parts of the world, the carnation is commonly associated with Mother’s Day.  Many years ago, it was customary for women to wear a pink carnation to honour their mothers on this special occasion.  If the woman’s mother had already passed away, she could still honour her mother’s memory by wearing a white carnation.  Today, the tradition has changed slightly and we usually send flowers for Mother’s Day as opposed to wearing them.  If you take a look through the Mother’s Day arrangements at your local or online florist, you will notice that many of them consist of carnations or at least include them as part of the bouquet.  An arrangement of stargazer lilies, light pink roses and light pink carnations with a touch of greenery is one of the most popular choices for Mother’s Day since it is both traditional and elegant.

Mixed Carnations Bouquet

Another interesting flower fact that some might not know is that every month is associated with a different flower. Carnations are associated with the month of January so, if you want to send some January birthday flowers, a bouquet of carnations is a wonderfully thoughtful idea.

Carnations come in different sizes as well as colours.  They can be divided into three main groups: large flowered, spray (or mini) carnations and dwarf carnations.  The large flowered variety is the type of carnations that you normally see at your florist.  Mini carnations are popular as mass or filler flowers since they are small enough to let larger blooms take centre stage.  Mini and dwarf carnations are also popular as house plants.

There are also a number of medicinal uses for carnations.  They are known to help relieve stress, inflammation, skin irritations and rashes, stomach aches, pain and fever.  Of course, prior to trying any sort of homeopathic remedy, it is very important that you consult with a professional and make sure that you are properly informed regarding any possible side effects or risks of such treatment.