Baby’s breath flower uses

Baby’s breath is also known as gypsophila, and these little flowers can make a big impact if used the right way. Depending on the effect you want to create, these blooms can be used in various ways.



Probably the most popular use of baby’s breath is as a filler flower. These delicate flowers can easily be divided into small bouquets and placed among the other flowers in a bouquet. They look especially beautiful when paired with red roses and just a touch of dark green foliage.



They can also be used in bouquets and handmade corsages. Bridal bouquets may contain these fillers if the bride wishes to add some variety in color and texture. Plus, they won’t break the bank, so that’s an added bonus!


In your hair

For special events, women often enjoy adding baby’s breath to their hair. They are almost like little floral gems that give your hairstyle that special something. If desired, they can also be added to corsages and boutonnieres.


Baby’s breath bouquets

Like many other flowers, you can even make a floral arrangement made solely of these delicate flowers! You will need a significant amount of stems to get the look you want, but it’s definitely worth it! You can also choose whether to make a tall composition or a low composition and, in this case, you will have to cut the stems so that the flowers just peek out from the top. Unlike other flowers, such as roses, baby’s breath stems don’t need to protrude too far from the vase. Think of these arrangements as a sort of floral ball that appears to sit on top of the vase.


Like any other type of flower, it is important that baby’s breath are kept away from direct sunlight, wind, heat sources or air conditioning and that they are properly maintained. Change the water regularly and cut the stems as needed. If you notice any stems starting to wilt or die, remove them from the bouquet otherwise the other flowers will deteriorate more quickly.