Autumn garden preparation tips

The key to a beautiful spring garden is putting in the necessary work during the autumn. Before winter arrives, it’s important to get your garden prepared. This way, it will be far more fruitful and easier to manage after the winter passes. Here are some autumn garden preparation tips to follow.

Tend to your lawn

A lush lawn is what really makes your garden look amazing. If you have a garden full of flowers but your lawn is dead it will totally ruin the look. To make sure that your lawn looks great in the spring, make sure that you don’t skin this autumn garden preparation tip. Begin by removing any broadleaf weeds. Next, you can check the pH of the soil. If there is high acidity, you can apply some lime. Should your lawn be too alkaline, you should apply sulphur. If you plan on aerating your lawn, you should follow this up with reseeding and some fertilizer.

Cleaning up leaves

Raking up leaves is essential for autumn garden preparation and it is usually something that you will need to do several times throughout the season. At least until the last leaves have fallen. You can gather the leaves that you rake up, put them on a pile and save them for compost. You should remove any old or dead plant material too. So, if any of your plants are spent, now is the time to remove them so that your garden is ready for new flowers as soon as the winter is over. If you have a vegetable garden and all of your plants are done producing, you can till the soil ahead of the winter. You cannot till the soil once the ground freezes so it’s important to get this done sooner rather than later.


The next step in your autumn garden preparation is to clean up and mulch your garden. Remove any old leaves and stalks so that you don’t have to do much or even any cleaning in the spring. If, however, you are not able to mulch your garden before winter, you should leave the old leaves and stalks where they are to protect the roots of your perennial plants.

Shrubs and trees

You will need to winterize your deciduous shrubs to keep the snow off of them. You can also winterize your trees by protecting the trunks. Remember to water your garden thoroughly before the first big freeze. That way, you can rest assured that your garden has enough to get them through the winter. Watering when it is freezing outside is not just unpleasant, but you can actually do more harm than good.

By following these easy autumn garden preparation tips, you will have the most beautiful garden to look forward to in summer. The best part is that basic preparation makes life so much easier. Regular garden care is also so much easier than trying to maintain all of your plants and lawn just once a year.