Autumn garden preparation tips and advice

Living in a house, whether rented or owned, often involves a fair amount of maintenance. This usually includes regular gardening and care of the exterior of the property. With temperatures dropping, now is the time to begin with autumn garden preparations ahead of the winter months.

Inspection time

Take a few moments to really inspect your autumn garden before you begin. You want to look around for any plants that need to be divided, bulbs that should be removed and trees that should be trimmed to prevent any problems during poor weather.

Move herbs inside

Your herb garden most likely thrived during the warmer months but an autumn garden is no place for such plants. They are best moved indoors where they will be sheltered from the weather and colder temperatures.

Tend to the soil

Your garden soil does not offer an unlimited supply of nutrients. These nutrients need to be replenished if you hope to keep your existing plants and flowers alive. It is also important for preparing ahead of spring. So, now is the perfect moment to apply some slow releasing fertilizer. You may also like to add a layer of mulch to various parts of your garden so that your plants are that much more protected.

Lawn care

The perfect lawn is what every gardener strives for. Weeds can ruin even the most beautiful lawn. This is why you should apply weed killer twice a year. Many agree that it is most important to apply this solution to your autumn garden because it kills any seeds that have landed during the summer.

Seed collection

Take a walk around your garden and collect any seeds you find. Place them in a dry place during the winter and plant them again once the weather improves in the spring. This way, whatever you harvest from your autumn garden will be put to use in the summer again and you will not be forced to buy seeds again!

Empty water collection barrels

If you collect rain water in the spring and summer, you don’t want it to freeze. The same goes for any pipes and tubes that remain outdoors. So, empty the barrel and make sure that your tubes are all empty before it gets too cold. If not, the water can freeze and this can damage the barrel and pipes.

Look for damage

Take a look around at any perennials for damage or disease. Remove plants that are affected and discard them. Do not use as compost! You should also trim trees, hedges and any other dead or dying parts of plants in your autumn garden.

There you have it! All you need to know about autumn garden preparation! By following these tips, you will have a neat and tidy garden throughout the winter. All you will need to do is rake up any leaves that fall in the upcoming months. Once the winter is over, you will find it that much easier to tend to your flowers and plants once again.