Flowers for Valentine’s Day and why you should send them

When shopping for a romantic gift, you will most certainly come across various flowers for Valentine’s Day. If you are not sure why you should send fresh blooms for this occasion, here are just a few reasons way fresh blooms will always make them smile.

Perfect for romance

When you send flowers for Valentine’s Day, you can take your pick from a wide variety of beautiful blooms. Red roses are the top choice for this occasion but there are also a number of other options that will make your Valentine smile. Other red flowers like tulips and carnations are also lovely options. If you want to choose another colour, pink bouquets are also playful yet romantic or you could send a mixed bouquet instead.

All-in-one gift

Another benefit of sending flowers for Valentine’s Day is the fact that your floral gift can check all the boxes. In other words, you can order fresh blooms along with luxury chocolates, a bottle of bubbly and other extras to make your gift that much more impressive and complete.

Superb smell

There is nothing that can compare to the sweet smell of flowers for Valentine’s Day! Not only will these blooms brighten their day, but they will also fill their senses with the sweetest of smells. Roses and lilies are two of the top choices when it comes to sweet-smelling blooms. If you are concerned about pollen, you can have your florist remove the stamen in the lilies. This will not only prevent any mess from falling pollen, but it is also known for extending the life of your lilies.

Affordable yet impressive

Another reason to choose to send flowers for Valentine’s Day is because they are an affordable choice that will certainly impress your partner, spouse or love interest. Bouquets are available in all shapes and sizes as well as different prices. This means that you really can shop according to your budget and not worry about breaking the bank.

Now that you know why you should order flowers for Valentine’s Day, it’s time to get shopping! Remember, florists are very busy around this time of year so make sure that you get your order in early to avoid disappointment.