Autumn flowers – popular choices for this season

Each season has something special to offer in terms of natural beauty. When we decorate our homes, it is important to keep the natural order around us in mind. For instance, in the summer months, we could use some bright colours that will fill us with extra energy. During autumn, which is a season of transition, we can still enjoy various colours but they will have a different shade to them. If you are not sure which autumn flowers you should choose for your home, here are three of the top choices.


Loved for their large yellow petals and tall stems, the sunflower is one of the most popular autumn flowers. There really is nothing that can compare to the sight of these blooms standing tall in a large field – all facing the same direction. When you put them on display in your home, make sure that you use a tall vase. You can allow them to stand alone or you can add some dark green foliage or even some brown accents to the bouquet.


Like the sunflower, these popular autumn flowers are part of the daisy family. There are a number of different varieties with some with significantly more petals than other types. This is the birth flower for the month of November so it’s good to keep in mind if you have a friend or loved one celebrating next month. When displaying these blooms for autumn, remember to opt for traditional seasonal colours (yellow, red, orange, off-white etc) and feel free to pair them with other blooms even if they are not seasonal. Your florist should have plenty of fabulous bouquets that include mums since they are considered to be one of the most popular flowers throughout the year.


These lovely autumn flowers are available in a wide selection of colours. They are known for their rich texture and can be enjoyed as cut flowers or grown in your garden. If you grow them yourself, you will be able to pick them whenever you like and spruce up your home décor in an instant! These blooms represent dignity, inner strength, elegance and creativity. Keep this in mind if you wish to present them as a gift to somebody special.

There you have it! Three of the most popular autumn flowers that you can use to make your house feel like a home and encourage a positive atmosphere. While these are popular blooms for this season, remember that it doesn’t hurt to check out the seasonal bouquets that your favourite florist has to offer as well. You will find that many autumn bouquets either consist of the blooms mentioned above or they at least include them as mass or focal flowers.