Autumn flowers bring life to your home

So many of us think of autumn as a month without much life or abundance. Trees are losing their leaves and the sky isn’t quite as bright as it was a few weeks ago. While temperatures may have dropped, nature has certainly not stopped working hard. There are a number of autumn flowers that you can enjoy in your garden as well as your home.

Purple asters

This flower is known and loved for its gorgeous lilac petals. The colours are very attractive to pollinators because they know that these autumn flowers are an abundant source of food. As they fly around your garden, they are bound to take their time when it comes to these delicious blooms. Purple asters can also be added to various autumn floral displays. They look really lovely when paired with other blooms like roses, germinis and some lush foliage.


Moon Shadow and Van Gogh sunflowers are fantastic because they bloom during these cooler months. When you take a look at autumn flowers and fresh bouquets, you will notice that yellow is one of the colours of choice. A bouquet of sunflowers during these months will certainly brighten your home. They can also be enjoyed in the garden and their height makes them perfect for those spots in the back where smaller autumn flowers may get ‘lost’.


Mums are great as cut flowers and potted plants. You can also plant them in your garden. They are quite hardy and easy to grow. Better still, they are tolerant of cooler weather which means that they will do very well even once summer is over. If you are looking for the perfect autumn flowers, consider chrysanthemums and their various orange shades.

These are just some of the best autumn flowers to include in your garden. Not only will they help attract pollinators, but they are also great for when you want fresh flowers in your home. Just remember to always pick flowers in the morning and keep a bucket of fresh water nearby.