Keep a mum-to-be happy with flowers

It’s no secret that women tend to experience more than their fair share of emotional ups and downs during pregnancy. Along with all the hormonal changes, there are also heaps of bodily changes and mental preparation to go with it. For many women, no matter how strong or independent they may usually be, pregnancy can prove to be their breaking point. This is why it’s so important to show them as much support as possible!

The first thing to remember is etiquette. When you see your pregnant friend or family member, you should greet them before you go straight for the belly rub! Women can start to feel like they are nothing but vessels if they aren’t given enough attention. With emotions running high, it’s not uncommon for these feelings to escalate rapidly.

Secondly, you should do everything in your power to make sure that she is comfortable when you are around her. Many women get sore, swollen feet and could really benefit from putting their feet up even if it is just for a few minutes. Make sure that you have a pregnancy friendly snacks on hand. Some women prefer to steer clear of caffeine and some try to limit their chocolate and sugar intake. Fresh fruit and other healthy snacks are always a good idea.

Thirdly, keep her spirits up by giving her a bunch of fresh flowers. Flowers are known for their positive effect on your mood and it could be just what she needs to help her through an emotional time. While you’re at it, if you notice that she is feeling down, you might want to take things a step further and give her a pamper hamper. Let her enjoy some calming aromatherapy in the bath or maybe some scented candles or even soothing lotions. Include these relaxing gift items with your flower delivery and you can be sure that she won’t be feeling down for much longer at all!

Once the baby arrives, it’s also a good idea to check in from time to time and make sure that the new mum is doing well. Depression can easily affect new mothers which is yet another reason to send flowers, pamper gifts, and fresh fruit to encourage a healthy diet. Lend a hand if she would like a bit of a break. Mothers rarely get more than few hours of sleep at a time which can aggravate those feelings of sadness. With a good nap every so often and fresh flowers to brighten her home, she is sure to be able to fight those blues!