Autumn flower arrangement design

While many people have a negative perception regarding the autumn months, nature still has plenty to offer. The changing colours of the leaves for one thing is enough to totally transform our surroundings. You will notice that they go from lush green to various shades of yellow, orange, red and brown. With this in mind, we can make the most amazing autumn flower arrangement to suit any area of your home. Here is a list of what you need as well as the simple steps to follow.

You will need:

  • A vase of your choice

  • Fresh flowers and foliage to suit your autumn flower design

  • Gourds and mini pumpkins

  • Dried accessories like leaves, nuts, acorns and pine cones.


  • When choosing a vase for your autumn flower arrangement, you need to keep a few things in mind. You will need it to be the right size and shape to suit the stems you wish to use. You also need it to be the right colour. Some ideas include brown, dark green, off-white or, if you are ever unsure, clear glass will suit every arrangement without fail.

  • As for selecting your fresh blooms and greenery you should keep the colour scheme in mind. You can use red, orange and yellow with dark foliage and even a touch of brown here and there if you like. Another option is to opt strictly for a mustard yellow and pair it with foliage if you want something simple. Either way, you should avoid colours like pink or purple as well as lighter and brighter colours.

  • Prepare your vase by washing it thoroughly and rinsing any soap residue away. Fill halfway with water and add some flower food.

  • Once you have your flowers and foliage, it’s time to prepare each stem. Trim the stem at an angle according to the height of the vase. While you’re at it, remove the leaves from the stem. You can leave some of the higher leaves in place since they will not end up in the vase water.

  • Add some smaller flowers and foliage around the edge of your vase. Next, add your focal flowers to the centre and finally fill up any gaps with some more filler flowers and foliage.

  • Once you have filled your vase, you need to decide where you wish to display it. Depending on the size and style of the arrangement, you might like to place it in the middle of your dining room table or on a corner coffee table in your living room.

  • After choosing the perfect spot, you can then decorate the area around the vase with some mini pumpkins and gourds as well as a pine cone or two and perhaps some acorns. This will help underline the autumn theme.

This is a basic design idea for an autumn flower arrangement. You can make it even more interesting by adding accessories like straw to the bouquet or even wrapping a straw ribbon around the vase. There are so many wonderful ways in which you can take these steps and transform them into you very own unique design.