Aroma and flower pairing ideas for your big day

Your wedding day is supposed to be filled with the most amazing memories. What many people don’t know is that the most powerful sense we have is the sense of smell. With this in mind, it’s easy to understand why it’s so important to choose the right scent to complement your fresh flowers. You want to make sure that everything goes together just right. Here are some aroma and flower pairing ideas.


If you plan on having bouquets that consist of roses, you should consider pairing them with a scent like sandalwood. These two scents balance one another beautifully and they will help fill the room with magical romance. This is the perfect aroma and flower pairing to set the mood for such an occasion. You can return to this combination when hosting milestone wedding anniversary parties too.


These blooms are the symbol of charm and radiance. They are popular for bridal bouquets because of their abundant petals and delicate appearance. They are best paired with a playful scent like something with a citrus twist and a hint of vanilla. They are perfect for energetic brides who want to make their wedding day as fun as can be.


Another top choice for weddings are peonies. They are not in season for very long so, when they are, many brides jump at the opportunity. Some brides even plan their big day around the availability of these blooms! Which is why the right aroma and flower pairing is even more important than usual.

Remember, when choosing the right aroma and flower pairing for your wedding, it is important to test them out first. You can best do this by buying various essential oils and figuring out which ones you like the most. While scent is important, it should also not be so powerful that you can hardly smell or taste the food at your reception.