April birth flower and bouquet ideas

The month of April is upon us and, if you have somebody special celebrating their birthday, you need the perfect gift. What’s better than thoughtful bouquet of fresh blooms? The April birth flower is the daisy which is perfect since spring is well underway. There are a number of different types of daisies from which you can choose and even more ways in which you can display them.

White daisies

Each colour flower has its own unique meaning and daisies are no different. White daisies are associated with innocence and purity. This is why they are the perfect April birth flower for babies or even to welcome a newborn girl or boy.

Pink daisies

These blooms are lovely April birth flower gifts for somebody you love. They represent love and romance which is why they are fantastic for your partner or spouse. Of course, pink can also be seen as a colour that expresses a non-romantic form of love. So, if mum is celebrating her birthday in April, you can certainly consider including some pink daisies.

Yellow daisies

When it comes to flower meanings, yellow represents friendship and happiness. If you want the perfect April birth flower for a friend, yellow daisies will certainly go a long way. They can be displayed all on their own or you can pair them with other yellow blooms if you like.

Some personality traits

If you were born in April, this April birth flower could reflect a number of your personality traits. One of these being that of cheerfulness. You have a way of lighting up the room and making others smile. These pretty blooms are also the symbol of positivity so you will find people born in April to be more optimistic. They are also trustworthy and adventurous according to the meaning of this fabulous flower. Take a moment to think about your friend or loved one. Do they embody any of these personality traits?

Now that you know all about the April birth flower, it’s time to get shopping! Take a look around at flowers online. Not only will you be able to search for daisy bouquets, but you can also shop according to your budget. Online florists make birthday bouquet shopping easy because you can make your purchase in a matter of minutes and schedule the flower delivery ahead of time. You can even add something extra like luxury chocolates, a birthday cake or bright balloons if you like.