Autumn blooms to welcome the season

Summer has just left us and it’s time to make the most of the autumn season with fresh autumn blooms. Many people don’t realize just how much nature has to offer during this time of year. The leaves on trees and plants are changing which gives us another reason to celebrate the beauty of this time of year. If you are looking for the best flowers for this season, here are some tips to keep in mind.

Colour choice

Different seasons are associated with different colours. For example, spring brings to mind pastel colours while summer is associated with brighter shades. Bouquets during this time of year should consist of warm colours. Select autumn blooms that are red, yellow or orange in colour. You should also add dark green foliage and you can even add some off-white for contrast.


Apart from the colours you choose, you also need to select the right types of flowers. Chrysanthemums make excellent autumn blooms. Not only are they readily available during this time of year, but they are also available in all the colours you need! They have amazing texture and size. Mums are also known for being particularly hardy and many florists consider them to be part of their staple collection. In other words, even when they are not in season, you will most likely still find them at your local flower shop.


Asters are also popular autumn blooms and they can also be found in many gardens. They have a simple appearance and this is exactly what makes them so appealing. They can be used as filler flowers or you can display them all on their own. Tie the stems together with a brown or gold ribbon to create the perfect autumn flower gift.


These beautiful flowers bloom in summer but you will most likely still find quite a few still in bloom during the beginning of autumn. They have abundant petals which help give them that full appearance. They are available in various colours and they can also be grown in your garden.

If you want to ensure that your garden looks great during this time of year, you will need to plan ahead. Even if you have missed your chance this year, you can plan for next year. Some of the best autumn blooms for your garden include heliopsis, helianthus and helenium. Not only are they available in the right autumn colours, but they also have an open appearance, much like daisies.