Anniversary flower bouquets for 20 years of marriage

20 years of marriage is a real milestone and it’s certainly worth making a big deal about this occasion. Whether you want to pamper your spouse, your parents on their anniversary or another couple you are particularly close with, you need the perfect gift. Anniversary flower bouquets and other traditional gifts are both thoughtful and they can be practical too. Here are some ideas.

Starting with anniversary flower bouquets

The best place to start shopping is with flowers for their or your anniversary. The flower associated with two decades of marriage is the aster. It is known as a talisman of love as well as a symbol of elegance and patience. Star-shaped, asters also represent good fortune and the wisdom gained over the years. Asters can be displayed on their own or they can be paired with other blooms such as roses, lilies, chrysanthemums and more.

Are you traditional or modern?

The traditional gift associated with this year of marriage is China while the modern gift is platinum. After such a long time together, fine dining plates would make a superb and practical gift. If your spouse wears jewellery, they might enjoy a new platinum piece such as a bracelet, earrings or a beautiful ring. For him, platinum cufflinks and a matching tie pin could be just what he needs to make him feel special.


Just like every anniversary flower bouquets, traditional and modern gifts, there are also colours associated with each year. The colours associated with the 20th anniversary is white and emerald green. If you can include one or both of these colours in your gift, this will make it even more special. Of course, if your spouse has a favourite colour, you can always consider including their favourite colour instead.

When you order anniversary flower bouquets, it’s best to try your best to do so early. This will give you more than enough time to browse before you buy. You can add something extra to your flower order such as wine, chocolates or a cuddly bear, if you like. Your flowers will be delivered along with a card so make sure that you write a personal and unique message inside.