Use veggies to make vases

When you think about vases, you most likely imagine something like a clear glass cylinder, a beautifully decorated porcelain bowl, or even rustic watering cans. Vegetables, on the other hand, might not immediately spring to mind when you think about something to hold your fresh flowers.

One of the most common examples of using fruit or vegetables as vases comes in the form of pumpkins. Pumpkins are really popular vases during the autumn season and around Halloween in particular. The pumpkin only needs to be hollowed out and you can choose between fresh, artificial, and dried flowers. If you use artificial or dried flowers, you don’t have to add water. If you want to use fresh flowers, you should place a waterproof container inside the pumpkin to prevent the flowers from perishing too quickly. If you do not add a container, the vase water will come into contact with the pumpkin which will cause rapid bacterial growth in the water. This will cause the flowers to perish prematurely.

Similar to pumpkins, you can also use butternut squash. Simply cut the top off and hollow out the middle. You do not have to hollow them out completely because this can be particularly difficult. Instead, you can remove up to half of the centre of the squash before adding some floral foam. Trim the stems of your flowers relatively short and then arrange them in the wet floral foam.

If you fancy the colour green for your vase, you will only need a few basic items to create a fascinating asparagus vase. Simply select a plain glass or plastic cylinder or jar. Place an elastic band around the middle of the vase or jar and then add asparagus. Remember to trim the asparagus so that they are all the same length and so that they completely conceal the vase. Slide each asparagus spear under the elastic band so that it’s firmly held in place. Once completely covered, you can hide the elastic band by wrapping some raffia around the vase and making a pretty bow. Add water to your flowers before displaying this fun and colourful display!