What do your Valentine’s Day roses say?

Roses are the number one choice for Valentine’s Day and the colour red has also proven to be the most popular over the years. That said, Valentine’s Day is not only for couples anymore and this also means that there are so many more colours from which to choose. The colour bouquet you choose will depend on the message you wish to send.

Red roses

This is most likely the most obvious of all. Red roses are a symbol of passionate and romantic love. They are ideal for your spouse or long-term partner. They are a bold declaration of your love and they will certainly impress the recipient.

Light pink roses

Light pink roses are a symbol of appreciation. You can send these flowers to close friends, your mother, sister, and similar loved ones in your life. They are also a thoughtful gift for your partner if you know that they prefer the colour pink to red.

Dark pink roses

Darker pink roses are a token of your gratitude towards the recipient. When you send these flowers, you are letting them know that you are grateful to have them in your life. These are a popular alternative to red roses.

Purple roses

When you send purple roses, you are letting the recipient know that it was love at first sight. You are also letting them know that they are the most important person in your life and they are your everything.

Blue roses

It’s important to note that blue roses are not found in nature but rather engineered by experts. If you want to tell somebody that they are special and unique, blue roses are the perfect choice!

Yellow roses

Yellow roses are associated with friendship. So, if you want to send flowers to a friend this Valentine’s Day and you don’t want them to think that you have romantic intentions, yellow is the colour you should choose.

Orange roses

If you are want to let your friend know that you are falling for them, orange roses are the best bouquet for sending this message. They are warm but not overly romatic. They will help you get your message across without it coming across too strongly.

White roses

If you think that your partner could be ‘the one’ but it’s stll quite early in the relationship, white roses are the ideal choice for this romantic occasion. They let the recipient know that they are the one for you without coming across as overly affectionate or passionate.

No matter the colour or colours you choose for your Valentine’s Day flower delivery, make sure that you ask your florist about some chocolates, bubbly, or anything extra they might have in stock to make your floral gift even more special!