The American Mother’s Day – ‘Mom’s Day 13/05/12

Its only a few days before the American Mother’s Day, also known as ‘Moms Day’, which is held 6 weeks ahead of the British Mother’s Day. In America, Mother’s day is celebrated on the second Sunday in May. In May 13th 2012, millions of deserving mother’s will receive flowers and much gratitude form their sons and daughters.

Traditionally in America, carnations are the choice flower that mothers receive in this public holiday for the USA.  Like the UK, American mums are usually treated to a home cooked breakfast in bed followed by a card saying just how much they are appreciated followed by a generous bouquet. This tradition has carried on since the first Mother’s day in  May 1908 when Anna Jarvis protested that mother all around the world should be respected and appreciated from all the hours they spend raising the children. This was back in an era when women had little rights and were largely dominated by men.  She pleaded with the President of the United States to make it a national Holiday and after much pressure, it is still celebrated by all today. The day is not decided by religion, ethnicity or political beliefs but just on pure love for their Mothers.

Though the British Mother’s day has passed for another year, Prestige Flowers is preparing for a surge in demand for flowers. There are thousands of American mothers working and living here in the UK with relatives back in the USA. Prestige Flowers has really helped the Americans out providing a service whereby they can order flowers from the USA, and have them delievered directly to their Mothers here in the UK.

From all here at Flower Press, Happy Moms Day America!