Easter flower colours for your home this spring

Easter is just around the corner so you might be wondering which Easter flower colours to choose for your home right about now. The good news is that we have plenty of amazing options in terms of colours and types of flowers too. Here are some ideas for decorating your Easter table and other areas of your home this season.

White and yellow

When we think about Easter flower colours, white and yellow are two of the most popular. This is mostly because white is associated with innocence and purity while yellow is associated with joy. Given the nature of Easter celebrations, the meanings associated with these flower colours are perfect. As for flower choices, some of the top options include daisies, tulips, daffodils and even roses. While roses are not technically in season yet, many florists stock them throughout the year because they are so popular for all occasions. Lilies are another excellent option and they can be displayed on their own or paired with other blooms.

Perfect pastels

When you take a look around at Easter décor, you will most likely come across a large number of products in pastel shades. This is why lighter shades of pink, purple, yellow and green are all popular Easter flower colours. They are somewhat representative of a new beginning and they are softer than the bolder shades we usually enjoy once summer arrives. Chrysanthemums, carnations and gerbera daisies are all excellent options because of their rich texture. Instead of looking for something too modern, try to shop for a bouquet with plenty of ruffles since it will suit this season of new growth perfectly.

Bolder shades

If your home is modern in design, you might be more inclined to choose sharper Easter flower colours. While there is no rule against this, you should avoid certain colours, like red or blue. It is also a good idea to mix it up rather than choose a single bold colour. In other words, you can pair some bright pinks with dark purple and lush greenery as well as a splash of white here and there just to make it all ‘pop’.

If you want to make your bouquets that much more interesting, remember that it’s not just about the Easter flower colours you choose. You should also select the right vase and possibly some vase fillers. You can also place a basket of Easter eggs beside the bouquet for some extra colour and to emphasize the theme.