Amaryllis flowers and interesting facts

One of the best flowers to enjoy during the holidays are amaryllis flowers. They are bold and beautiful which means that you do not need too many stems to fill a vase and brighten the room. While they can be paired with other flowers, they also look amazing all on their own in a clear glass vase.

Bloom season

Amaryllis flowers bloom during the winter season which makes them perfect for Christmas. They are tropical plants which means that they do not do well in cold environments. However, this does not mean that you cannot enjoy them as potted plants or cut flowers.

Christmas blooming

If you want to encourage amaryllis flowers to bloom during the Christmas season, you should place the plant outdoors during the summer. When the weather gets cooler, bring the plat indoors and avoid water and fertilizer for a few weeks. This forces them to become dormant before the bulbs restart.

Welcoming a new potted plant

If you receive amaryllis flowers in the form of a potted plant, you need to make sure that you place a bamboo stalk next to the plant alongside the bulb. These plants can become top heavy so you want to offer them some stability. If you insert the bamboo stalk at a later stage, you risk damaging the bulb. Water the plant well and place it in a bright, sunny spot. Indirect sunlight is best and the soil should be moist but not wet.


Once blooming ceases, you can cut off the flower stalk. Allow the foliage to continue to grow and keep the plant in a bright area with indirect sunlight. You will notice that the leaves will start to turn yellow and fall from the plant in December. Continue watering the plant and you should notice new flower stalks start to grow. Now is the time to resume providing your plant with additional nutrients to encourage blooming. A water-soluable fertilizer is best.

Potential threats

All plants can come under threat of disease or pets. Amaryllis flowers are no exception. Make sure that you keep an eye out for mealybugs, spider mites, snails and slugs. It’s also important to give your plant a rest period before the next bloom cycle or it will not bloom.

If you are looking for flowers or plants to send to a loved one this holiday season, you should certainly consider sending amaryllis flowers or plants. Not only will they prove perfect for the season, but they can also prove wonderfully affordable since your florist can deliver on your behalf.