Aloe plant care advice

An aloe plant can make the difference in any room. They are ideal for both the home and the office. Best of all, they don’t require special care or daily attention. These plants have a lot to offer and don’t ask for much in return. Here are some essential aloe care tips.



All plants need sunlight and your aloe plant is no exception. This succulent grows particularly well in a bright location with some direct sunlight in winter. An interesting fact that many people don’t know is that this plant can get sunburnt. So make sure you don’t expose it to too much direct sun in the summer.



Like other succulents, your aloe plant is drought tolerant, meaning it requires only minimal watering. That said, if you starve it too much, it can shorten the plant’s lifespan. On the other hand, if you water it too much, it can lead to root rot that cannot be reversed and the plant will die. Make sure that when you water the aloe, you soak the soil. When you see the water draining into the dish under the pot, stop watering and wait a few minutes. Empty the water from the tray and put it back under the pot. You don’t want to leave water in this tray, as it will soak the soil and kill the plant.


Your aloe plant will do best in moderate to warm temperatures. Make sure you don’t place the plant near an air conditioner or heat source such as a fireplace as this can have a serious effect on its well-being.

Possible problems

No plant is completely immune to pests. Your aloe plant can attract aloe mites. These insects are very small and almost look like worms. You may not notice these insects until damage to the leaves and stems is visible. It’s nearly impossible to reverse the damage. The best thing to do is remove an infested plant before it can spread to other aloes.


If you take good care of your aloe plant, it will thrive and need to be repotted regularly. When transplanting, be sure to choose a larger pot and add adequate soil before welcoming your plant to its new home. You can even remove the offsets at this time and plant them in the old pot to propagate new plants!


By following these simple aloe plant care tips, you will enjoy their beauty for many years. As your plant grows, you can use aloe in a variety of ways and also as a regular addition to your daily beauty routine.