Make cheap flowers look like a million bucks

Throughout the year there are a number of occasions that call for fresh flowers. Birthdays, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and Mother’s Day are just a few examples of such occasions. Of course, money is often a difficult obstacle to overcome and cheap flowers are becoming increasingly popular. Affordable flowers for Christmas and other occasions are particularly sought after due to the additional financial pressures associated with the end of the year.

All things considered, many people wonder how they can send cheap flowers that will look as impressive as more expensive bouquets. The last thing you want is to send a flower arrangement that is anything less than amazing. So, here are some tips to ensure that your flowers look like they are worth more than you paid!

Proper planning

The first tip is to avoid shopping at the last minute. Shopping in advance for occasions like Christmas will help ensure that you get the best products at the best prices. You don’t need to take delivery in advance but you can rather schedule your flower delivery closer to Christmas.

Choosing your florist

When you’re looking for flowers that look great, you should never sacrifice quality. You’re not going to find the best flowers at some street vendor. You simply don’t know how long these flowers have been subjected to the wind, cold weather, and other elements. It’s far better to order flowers online since online florists use only the best products. Their bouquets are also backed by satisfaction guarantees for your peace of mind.

Find their favourite

Nothing says how much you care more than sending somebody their favourite flowers. It shows them that you pay attention to the things they love and enjoy. If their favourite flower is somewhat expensive and you’re not able to buy a whole bunch, you can buy a mixed bouquet that includes these flowers. If they don’t have a particular favourite flower, you could choose a bouquet in their favourite colour. If you can do both their favourite flower in their favourite colour, then you can be sure they will love it!

Go seasonal

Seasonal flowers are known for being significantly more affordable than flowers that are out of season. This is because flowers that are not in season will either need to be imported or cultivated in controlled environments. This costs more and therefore the prices of these flowers will go up. You can expect to get more for your money with seasonal flowers. In other words, you can pay more or less the same amount of money for a large seasonal bouquet as you would for a medium or smaller bouquet of flowers that are not in season. Therefore, if you want to impress somebody, you can be sure that a larger bouquet will get the job done!

Less can be more

If you want to impress with particularly elegant flowers, you can take the ‘less is more’ approach. In order to successfully achieve this, you should invest in flowers that really make a statement, like orchids. You should also make sure that the vase you use suits the size of the bouquet. If you use just a few flowers and a large vase, it will end up looking silly for obvious reasons.


Don’t be afraid of adding accessories to your bouquet. Tie a festive ribbon around the otherwise plain vase and add a festive pick to your arrangement and you’ll certainly class it up. Types of picks to look for include reindeer, Santa, and star designs to name a few. Don’t overcrowd with accessories or you’ll achieve the exact opposite effect. One pick and some ribbon will be more than enough to make any festive bouquet even more impressive. For Valentine’s Day, you could add a heart pick and for Mother’s Day you could use a ‘I love mum’ Pick. The pick and accessories you choose will depend on the occasion.

By using one or more of these tips, you will add value to even the cheapest flowers. Make sure that you always keep the recipient in mind when choosing flowers, vases, and accessories.