Alien Flower found on Mars

New photos have been released by NASA showing what appears to be a flower on the surface of Mars. The Curiosity rover which is currently on Mars taking samples and photos took the photo of the alien flower on the 19th December. The rover as found a snake-like rock formation which stretched across the planet’s blood red surface.

The photo of the flower was taken by the microscope-like Mars Hand Lends Imager at the end of Curiosity’s robotic arm.

After the photo of the flower was posted online by NASA thousands of people on internet forums dubbed it the Mars flower. In the past the rover has found pieces of plastic on the planet believe to be from the rover itself but NASA scientists believe this time it is not a piece of plastic.

JPL spokesman Guy Webster told NBC news that it appears to be rock like and not from the rover itself.

Whatever it is that the $2.5 billion rover has found it is a very interesting and fascinating find.