Flowers for the dorm life

A number of studies have revealed that flowers and plants can have a fantastic positive effect on your mental state. When you receive a fresh flower delivery, it’s a wonderful surprise and we are automatically and instantly filled with joy. In addition, when you display plants and flowers in your home, work, or school environment, it can help with concentration and productivity.

When buying flowers or plants for somebody living in a dorm, it’s important to consider their lifestyle. They might be sharing a dorm room with at least one other person. Alternatively, if they are lucky enough to have their own room, it’s most likely not that spacious. So, space is a limitation that needs to be considered.

Another important factor is that of time. Although most people think that students just go to school and do some homework, this is not the case. There are a lot of social gathers and, if the student participates in a sport, this can also be extremely time consuming. Some students work in their spare time in order to take care of some of their expenses at least. So, they might not be around to tend to their flowers or plants as much as they’d like. This means that you should look for something low maintenance. In terms of plants, succulents are usually the easiest to care for since they don’t require too much care or watering.

In terms of environment, dorm rooms can quite often be quite dark. Natural light might be limited and, even then, there might not be space for the plant near the window. So, look for a potted plant that won’t mind being kept in the shade.

Another great idea is to look for plants that provide the student with various benefits. Different plants are known for absorbing different particles in the air. These air purifying plants can really serve a purpose and benefit the student’s health and well-being!

If you are planning on sending cut flowers, remember that the hardier, the better! Roses tend to do quite well. Orchids might be on the fragile side if the recipient is particularly careless. Carnations, gerberas, and chrysanthemums will usually do quite well with very little care as well.