Advice for wearing your corsage with pride

When you attend a formal event like a formal dance or wedding, it is customary for the ladies to wear corsages. A corsage can be worn on the wrist or pinned to the wearer’s outfit. It’s also good to remember the etiquette associated with wearing a corsage and common practices.

If you are buying a corsage for somebody, you should ask them what colour they will be wearing. This will help you choose the right colour flowers to compliment whatever they are wearing. Of course, if you are a planning a wedding, then it’s up to you to tell everyone what colour to wear or provide them with a hired or tailored outfit.

Wrist corsages are perfect for dresses that don’t leave much room for the flowers to be pinned on. Sleeveless dresses, halter-neck, and strapless designs are look great with a wrist corsage. Fuller dress designs or suits can be wonderfully complimented by a pin on corsage. Pin on corsages are similar to boutonnieres but larger and somewhat more elaborate.

For anyone wearing an expensive designer dress or a rental, they might not want to poke holes in it. Again, this calls for a wrist corsage or even a single flower like a rose that she can hold in her hand. It’s also good to take into account any allergies or other sensitivities that the wearer may have and avoid anything that could cause some kind of skin irritation or allergic reaction.

Remember, corsages can be made from fresh flowers or silk flowers. If you are worried about pollen or a night of sneezing, then silk corsages are your best bet. They can also be ordered well in advance so there’s no last minute running around.

Finally, when wearing a corsage, it’s a good idea to make sure it matches your partner’s boutonniere. Matching flowers are much like matching the colour of his tie to her dress. It brings the couple’s outfits together nicely and makes for fantastic photos too!