Top choices in summer flowers

Whether you are looking for summer flowers for your garden or cut stems to decorate your home, there’s no doubt that there are plenty of options. Some are easier to grow than others and there are also those that do better in planters than your garden. Depending on what you are looking for and the conditions you can offer, here are some of the most popular options for the warmer months.


These summer flowers are available in a wide variety of colours, including red, yellow, purple, orange, pink and more. They are annuals which means that they will only grow for one season but this also means that their blooms are that much more impressive. They can be grown in various areas of your garden and are particularly lovely in window boxes.


The rose is probably one of the most popular cut flowers and garden plants to grow. There are hundreds of varieties available including dwarf and hybrid roses. Roses are the perfect summer flowers because they will fill your garden or home with their beauty and sweet scent. They are available in many different colours too. While they do not come in certain shades, like blue, white roses can be dyed to create any colour or colour combination you desire.


These flowering plants grow from large tubers which means that the plant grows to an impressive size and produces plenty of fresh blooms in the summer. They are remarkably easy to grow and you will love how the rich colours and textures of these summer flowers make your garden truly special.


The name says it all – sunflowers are the floral picture of summer with their big blooms and bright yellow colour. You can plant them in certain areas of your garden but you need to make sure that they receive adequate direct sunlight. Even if you can’t grow these summer flowers yourself, remember that you can always order a bouquet from your favourite florist.


The peony has a very short bloom cycle which means that you need to make the most of them while you can. They are perennial blooms which is great news for gardeners since you can rest assured that they will be back the following year. All you need to do is make sure that you provide them with well-draining soil and enough sunlight to thrive. When picking these summer flowers from the plant, make sure to do so early. You don’t want them to open completely before you snip the stems. Once fully open, the flowers will not last more than a few days. This is why bud or partial bud form is best.


These are the kinds of summer flowers that people either love or hate. They are known for their strong scent which some people love and others do not. Either way, if you want a splash of colour or you want to keep mosquitoes away, these blooms are super easy to grow year after year. They are annuals but you don’t have to buy new plants each year. Simply wait for the flowers to dry and pick the seeds off the plant. Place them in a dry spot and allow them to dry out completely. You can plant them with a thin layer of soil covering the seeds the following spring. These flowers are also excellent companions for your tomatoes since they repel various bugs.

No matter your preferences, you can tell that summer flowers offer amazing variety to bloom and plant enthusiasts. When ordering fresh blooms from your local florist, make sure to ask them about their seasonal bouquets. Not only will these flowers be more reasonably priced, but they will also last longer since they naturally bloom during this time of year.