Add colour with the right house plants

Plants have a wonderful way of sprucing up a room. The colour green is calming and soothing. It also encourages creativity and relieves stress. Flowering plants add even more beauty because they add that element of green along with some lovely colour. Here are some of the best choices when selecting potted plants for your home or office.

African Violet

These plants are beautiful, lush, and easy to grow without any special experience. The most popular flower colour is purple but they are also available in red, pink, and white. They enjoy a fair amount of sunlight and they are known to have a very long bloom season.

Kaffir Lily

This flowering plant is related to the amaryllis. When in bloom, this plant is bursting in colour. The flowers are star-shaped and they are bright orange and yellow in colour. When growing this plant, remember to keep them in a room with plenty of light but avoid direct sunlight.


There is no mistaking the sweet smell of jasmine. Their white or pink flowers are as beautiful as they are fragrant and this plant grows much like a vine. When growing jasmine, remember that they enjoy lots of moisture and light. They will thrive throughout the winter in particular.


This perennial plant enjoys cooler temperatures and their blooms are especially bright in colour. These plants can be grown in pots on tables or you can use hanging containers.


These plants are one of the easiest to grow of all. Their star-shaped flowers might be smaller than some other blooms but they certainly do not lack in colour. Some of their colours include pink, red, orange, yellow and white. During the winter, they enjoy moderate watering and sun.

Succulents and cacti

Succulents and cacti are by far the easiest plants to care for. Even if every other plant you’ve ever had has met an untimely end, succulents will not disappoint. They require the least care of all plants and they tend to grow slower than other plants as well. While many succulents and cacti do not bloom, there are many varieties that do. Cacti often produce small flowers and they usually only produce one or two flowers at a time. What they lack in size and number, they more than make up for in beauty and colour. Some of the most impressive colours being red, orange, and pink.

Don’t forget to ask your florist for care tips and advice before selecting a plant. Understanding the needs of the plant will help ensure that it grows and thrives.