17th anniversary flowers

As you celebrate each year together, it might begin to feel like the romance is fading. Which is why it is so important to make a big deal out of every wedding anniversary. With the right anniversary flowers and gifts, you can let your spouse know how much they mean to you and you can relight that fire. Here are some great gift ideas for your 17th anniversary.

The perfect anniversary flowers

Fresh flowers are the number one anniversary gift. For this year of marriage, the flower of choice is the carnation. When you send a light red carnation, you are sending a message of admiration while dark red carnations symbolise deep love. If you are not keen on the idea of red carnations, yellow roses are an excellent alternative. This is because roses always send a loving message and the colour yellow is associated with this anniversary.

The ideal gift

Over and above those gorgeous anniversary flowers, you also need to consider a meaningful gift. The traditional and modern gifts for this year of marriage are the same – furniture. So, you can consider a new dressing table, a soothing recliner or any other piece of furniture that will make your spouse’s life that much better. This is a wonderful gift because it will make them feel pampered and it also proves practical.

Choice of colour

As briefly mentioned above, yellow is the colour associated with this anniversary. Which means that you can choose your gifts accordingly. Now, you might not want to opt for yellow furniture, but you could include a gorgeous piece of jewellery that has some yellow features. Think outside the box a little and consider what your spouse wants and needs.

By keeping these anniversary flowers and gift ideas in mind, you will surely make your spouse smile and show them just how much you love them. Remember to give them all of your attention on this day too. It’s not just about the gifts. You also need to set aside time and ignore everyone else in order to make your spouse feel the love.