Decorating small spaces with flowers

Arranging for the perfect flower delivery can prove tricky enough without the added concern of a small space.  When displaying flowers, a small or limited space adds to the challenge.  This is particularly true for those who live in small apartments or who wish to add life and colour to their desk or office.  The flowers need to be arranged in such a way that they do not completely take over the room and leave you squeezing and scrambling around for space.


The good news is that decorating small spaces with fresh flowers is not only possible but there are several ways of doing so.  One way is buy placing a single, perfect flower inside a slim vase and then positioning it perfectly in just the right place.  Not only does this option take up very little space but it also really cost effective.  If you want more than just a single flower, you can add three flowers, a tiny bunch of filler flowers and a hint of foliage for good measure.  These will still fit inside a small vase but make sure that none of the stems are crushed or forced into the vase.


Another great idea is to select small flowers.  Avoid larger flowers like sunflowers or the large types of chrysanthemums for example.  They take up a lot of space even if you only use one.  Asters, irises and roses are much better choices and they look great on their own or with foliage in a small vase.  If you really want to use a larger flower, you may.  As long as this flower forms the focal point of the bouquet and is surrounded by smaller blooms and just the right touch of greenery.  When you use small flowers, you should use very small filler flowers like baby’s breath.


Mini or dwarf flowers also make a great alternative.  There are a number of flowers that are also available in miniature forms.  Take carnations, roses and even snapdragons for example.  Just remember to use the right kind of foliage according to the flowers you choose.  The foliage should never cover or outnumber the flowers.


Potted plants also make great alternatives to fresh cut flowers.  Some top choices include African violets, amaryllis and flowering varieties of cacti.  You should also take note of whether the potted plant you have selected is perennial or annual.  While some plants will grow and flower year after year, others put on a single grand display before perishing at the end of their season.  This will largely determine the kind of care they need when in bloom and dormant.  Before you buy a plant, you need to consider where it will be displayed.  African violets, for example, enjoy a fair amount of sunlight so keeping them in the dark all day won’t encourage growth.